Lanthier Bakery was founded in Alexandria, Ontario, by Georges and Adrienne Lanthier in 1932.  As one of four new bakeries in the small town of Alexandria, considering that bread was mainly produced in the home, the challenges were many. Initially, all customers were served door to door and were offered a variety of fresh bread and pastries. Over 150 people ultimately became employed in production, sales and administration as the bakery grew. In 1985, a second production facility was built in Montreal to satisfy the ever increasing demand. Soon the sole focus became bread made with traditional recipes using the sponge and dough method. Today, Lanthier Bakery is still owned and managed by the Lanthier family, and is now one of the largest independently owned commercial bakeries in eastern Canada. Lanthier Bakery enjoys continued success, growth and independence.

Picard's Chipnuts

For more than three decades, families and friends have come from miles around for the fresh roasted peanuts and specialty confectionery products at the Original Picard’s retail outlets. The unique products were created by John Picard starting with Ontario peanuts and then to value-enhanced snack products. In the following years, unique products made with the finest chocolates, unique snacks like our "Crispy Potato Chip Covered Peanuts"




Cool Ranch

Jalapeno Cheddar

Dill Pickle

Bacon Cheddar


Oakrun Farm Bakery produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen baked goods satisfying the many different needs and lifestyles of our customers. Whether it’s connecting over breakfast at home or dining out, offering convenience for those on-the-go or providing better-for-you foods or truly indulgent ones, we are focusing on ensuring we deliver the best tasting, highest quality foods from a brand you can trust. Our wide range of cakes, breakfast and morning goods, sweet goods and Danish are available throughout North America.


English Muffins (Chese, Regular, Whole Wheat)

English Muffin 12 Pack (Regular)


Spanish Bar Cake

Bakeshop Lemon Tarts

Bakeshop Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts 20 Pack Individually Wrapped

Take a yummy moment for yourself and discover our delicious chips and snacks, truly designed for the snack lover in you. Carefully cooked and seasoned to perfection.


Chips (Sweet Cheddar, BBQ, Dill Pickle, Regular, Salt & Vinegar, Bacon, Sour Cream & Onion)

Sour Cream and  Onion Rings

Cheese Sticks

Corn Puffs

For over 50 years, Del's Pastry has been developing and producing high quality fresh and frozen sweet goods. We use the highest- quality ingredients to produce our custom recipes and traditional favourites. 


Muffins (Blueberry, Carrot, Raisin Bran, Chocolate Chip, Banana)

Danishes (Raspberry, Lemon)

Turnovers (Raspberry, Apple)

Cinnamon Buns (4, 6  or 8 Packs)

A 3rd generation Canadian family owned and operated peanut, nut and candy specialist. 



Pickled Sausage 

Pickled Eggs

Meat Stix (Hot, Mild)

Footlong Nuts (Cajun, Salted, BBQ, Sweet and Salty)

Mrs. Freshley’s bakes a huge variety of products that are sure to tempt any sweet tooth. Not only are they a hit with consumers, but with industry award judges too. Numerous quality and taste awards have been bestowed upon Mrs. Freshley’s over the years, including those from American Culinary Institute, Automatic Merchandiser and CSP Magazine , just to name a few.


Honey Buns

Swiss Rolls

Pink Snowballs

Creme Filled Dreamies

Raspberry Dreamies

Iced Carrot Cake

Vanilla Covered Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes